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Grammy® nominated artist Gustavo Galindo has always been a musical explorer straddling two worlds, two cultures and two languages. His music is filled with passion, wisdom and honesty which transcends borders and genre. Born in Mexico and brought-up in the United States, Gustavo has created a unique musical vocabulary which will establish him as a major new force in modern music with his about-to-be-released album: “Between Two Worlds”. 


His new recording “Between Two Worlds” finds Gustavo as a fully realized artist where his life as a husband, father and performer have come together in a collection of deeply personal songs. “Gustavo’s music is about putting everything on the line” says two-time Emmy® Award winning composer, recording artist and label executive Michael Whalen. “Gustavo doesn’t know how to hold anything back. Wonderful.” 


Gustavo has shared the stage with artists such as: Zoé, Enrique Iglesias, Ely Guerra, Gloria Trevi, Juanes, Los Amigos Invisibles, Babasónicos, Alejandra Guzmán and Ximena Sariñana, Debi Nova,  Alex Cuba, Maroon 5, Natalia Laforcade, Leonel Garcia and Alec Syntec. He lives in Los Angeles with his family preparing the release of this new music and creating the next chapter for this dynamic artist and performer. 

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